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Brand NEW from Goldeneye with their world renowned German engineered technology.  This beautifully presented Multitalent 2.0 console if full of great features and includes the Module SLS Dermograph.

Please purchase Module SLS Needles to use with this Dermograph.



4ml Kit Only Ebony Queen

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4ml Kit Only Warm Brunette

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4ml Kit Only Taupe Spectaculaire

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Magnetic Box for kits

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4ml Kit Only Amazing Blond

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4ml Kit Only Hot Chocolate

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Introducing the Goldeneye Coloressense Star and Favourites Sets!

These sets have been handpicked by some of Goldeneye’s most respected Artists. Set 1 has been handpicked by our very own Georgie Westley and we are so excited to share this set with you!

“My love for the cosmetic tattoo industry has spanned for over 20 years. I am honoured to represent the Goldeneye brand with these signature pigments for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.  I hope you love them as much as I do!” – Georgie

Set includes: EQ Ebony Queen 4ml, WB Warm Brunette 4ml, AB Amazing Blond 4ml, TS Taupe Spectaculaire 4ml, HC Hot Chocolate 4ml.

Ebony Queen EQ is a cool dark brown tone with a hint of olive. Perfect for clients who want a brown tone without red elements or want to balance out residual red elements in their skin. EQ doesn‘t assume red or blue elements. The hair must be pigmented very slowly using measured forward and backward motions. If the pigmentation process leaves the hair with a rich and even colour a second application almost isn‘t necessary

Warm Brunette is my new favourite signature colour made especially for ALL lip types. It can be used on dark lips to neutralise, and light lips to create the perfect coral lip colour. This colour was based on my favourite lipstick with added orange tones to work well on high melanin rich lips also. Can be used straight with skin top or add a drop of lollypop pink for a pinker tone or add obviously orange for very dark lips also

Taupe Spectaculaire TS is a dark grey for eyeliner, eyebrows and PMS that maintains a clear, cool colour direction. Ideal for all ash blondes and greying customers who desire a powerful result. Apply to eye more shallowly. Use diluted for PMS treatments.

Amazing Blond AB is a ready to use mixture for light blonde or medium blonde clients. A soft, neutral blonde tone with a yellow-orange undertone.

Hot Chocolate HC is a neutral soft and dark chocolate brown tone. Perfect for clients who on no account want gray eyebrows yet do not want to abstain from a dark black element. HC doesn’t turn red.

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